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Martaş tomato paste factory is located in Mustafakemalpaşa which in Marmara region where the best tomatoes are grown. All tomatoes used for the production are either produced in Martaş owned farmlands or contracted with the farmers.

With 3 lines 3,000 m/t daily tomato processing capacity total, 30.000 m/t of tomato paste volume per year. Martaş is one of the major producers in Turkey. State-of-the-art technology is used for packing either 1/2,1 or 5 kg cans, as well as 220 lt aseptic drums.

The Martaş Agricultural Team is responsible to supervise the raw material growing from seeding to harvesting. The best posssible quality seed varieties are being used to obtain the best color and final quality.

Martaş has the objective to serve its partners/customers the best quality product, with the best possible service when they need it, where they need it, for the best value.

Tel.: +90 224 248 88 82 - Fax: +90 224 248 87 30
Armutköy Mahallesi Terminal Cadde No:11 Osmangazi 16210
Bursa / TURKEY